Lazy Queen

Lazy Queen was born in Brooklyn, raised in Oslo, and will never die. Join the wreckage. Also Featuring: Sunday Afternoon Spankbox

Artist Profile

  • Lazy Queen entered the Norwegian music scene as a blast of fresh air, making the move from New York, where Colombian-Norwegian Henrik García Søberg founded the band.
  • With an increasingly vibrant Norwegian indie scene on the rise, Lazy Queen have made their mark with a sound inspired by the rich traditions of the Brooklyn DIY scene that birthed the band, ambitious and effervescent releases, coupled with their unique ability to convey personal and relatable experiences through García Søberg’s lyrics.
  • The Oslo-based outfit effortlessly blends harmonic and discordant elements together with an instinctive ear for melody into a playful, innovative and vibrant sound, which affixes both context and contrast to lyrics that often explore life’s more maladjusted corners. Like Clash Magazine puts it, “their penchant for bouncy, punk-infused electro-pop allows them to deliver poignancy with a sprinkle of sugar”.
  • It’s immediate. It’s urgent. It impatiently demands your attention.
  • "At once anthemic and accessible ... Lazy Queen ... satiates our love of shoegaze and punk alike" - Nylon Magazine
  • In 2020 Lazy Queen released the EP ‘Get Home or Die Trying’ on the Bergen-based label Eget Selskap. The record gained them critical acclaim from p3, p13, VG, Louder Than War and Medium. It also led to a 2021 signing with respected Swedish label and indie connoisseurs Icons Creating Evil Art (Flora Cash, Baby Strange).
  • In 2022 the band released ‘A Human Reaction’, a record described by the lead singer García Søberg as “a call for connection”, seemed to perfectly encapsulate the feeling of the past two years with themes of isolation, depletion, and frustration. But as Gracía Søberg clarified: “we’re not writing about loneliness to make others feel lonely, rather the opposite. here’s always the option of letting yourself sit and get lost in those emotions, but making the choice of saying something, whether that be to write a song about it, picking up a phone to call a friend - you’re making a choice to prove those overwhelming feelings wrong.”
  • The 5 track EP resonated with fans and critics alike, receiving praise from Rolling Stone Magazine, Kerrang! Magazine, Rocksound, BBC Radio 1 to name a few. And the attention has by no means been limited to the foreign press. The stand-out single ‘Alcohol’ scored a hat-trick with a premiere, “Best Akkurat Nå”-placing and radio playlisting from p3. Additionally, the single ‘Bed/Head’ and focus track ‘Detached, Together” also landed a “Best Akkurat Nå”-spot from the radio heavyweight. The prolific release campaign culminated in the release ‘A Human Reaction’, which Clash Magazine described as a ”dizzying burst of catharsis” and an “experimental, vibrant and honest (...) piece of art.”
  • Returning from their successful debut headlining tour of the UK, Lazy Queen played a hometown show to celebrate the release of ‘A Human Reaction’ at Blå, Oslo. Every show along the way, a sweaty press of moshing bodies in brimming rooms bringing a visceral quality to words and lyrics of disconnection and loneliness from the stage.
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